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Welcome to Platform. Today I start the Course of C++, and I will make it easy to learn for beginners. so It is not necessary to have any prior experience in programming. then I am telling you what is Introduction to C++ programming and why we use this language.

What is C++ and Why you need to learn C++?

  1. C++ is a platform language that has ultra-fast performance to create high-quality applications.
  2. Bjarne Stroustrup was developing the C++. as an extension of the C programming language.
  3. C++ gives the programmer a high-level control over the system resources and memory management.
  4. Danish PC researcher Bjarne Stroustrup created the C++ at Bell Labs since 1979

Why we use C++?

C++ is one of the world’s most well known programming dialects.

The language C++ can be found in the present working frameworks, Graphical User Interfaces, and installed frameworks.

C++ is an article situated programming language which gives a reasonable structure to programs and permits code to be reused and bringing down improvement costs.

it has compact and can do utilize to create applications that can be adjusted to different stages.

C++ is fun and simple to learn!

C++ is similar to C# and Java, so it makes it simple for software engineers to change to C++ or the other way around

Introduction to C++ Programming

C++ Program Start here...
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
       cout << "Hello World!";
       return 0;

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Introduction to C++ programming and Learn C++

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