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Today, we will learn C++ Data TypesLearn C++ Programming . So, In this Chapter, will talk about data types of c++ and will make it easy to understand.

C++ has several types of data-types. So, as I explained in the variable chapter, a variable in C++ much be a specified data type.


int myInt = 10;           // Integers(Whole Number without decimals).
float myFloatNum = 10.99   // Floating point number(with decimals).
double myDoubleNum = 10.99;     // Floating point number(with decimals).
char myLetter = 'A';         // Character 
string myString = "Hello";   // string (Text)
bool myBoolVal = true;        // Boolean (True and False)

Basic Data Types:

We specify the data types with the size and type of information in the variable store. So, Check out the below.

Data TypeSizeDescription
int4 bytesStores whole numbers, without decimals
float4 bytesStores fragmentary numbers, containing at least one decimals. Adequate for putting away 7 decimal digits
double8 bytesStores partial numbers, containing at least one decimals. Adequate for putting away 15 decimal digits
char1 bytesStores a single character and letter and number, or ASCII values
boolean1 bytesStores true or false values
Basic Data Types details

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